Blueprint for Change – Launch your Next Life Chapter



Launch your next life chapter 

I regularly embrace change and encourage you to unleash your next life chapter with the help of this free Change Blueprint. As a serial change maverick I specialise in the art of possibility and change.

Never been able to fit into the proverbial box, I’ve bucked the system more times than I can recall. I am consequently driven by a strong urge to constantly shape the life I want. I thus respond quickly and decisively to new beckonings and now celebrate my serial change warrior side. Casting my view backwards, I see a vibrant winding path with multiple twists and turns. The peaks and troughs meander from Teenage Mom to International CEO. Amongst my  greatest joys are my 4 children. Watching them forging amazing paths in the world ignites awe and joy. Roots and wings have been my key philosophy. In addition to my offspring, I also relish the various careers and multiple passions I’ve served. Fortunately my initial lack of formal education and multiple obstacles did not deter me from regularly reimaging my life.  

If the adage of 10 000 hours qualify one as competent, my 40 000 plus hours of navigating change qualify me! During that time, I have changed life chapters constantly. I have been the CEO driving change management.  I have also initiated significant and frequent personal life changes. I am now quick to recognize the familiar churning, the gentle stirring and emerging vision of new possibility, time to unleash a new life chapter. I lean into the magic a lot easier now and run with it, fear and all. I now have the agility and know how to DO that, I live life my way, on my terms.

  How can we help each other?

As a result of my exciting journey, I am putting together the nuggets of my experience and would love your input.

Are you restless, unfulfilled or ready for the next mountain to climb? If so, what gets in the way and stops you from taking the plunge?

If you feel the call to make a change, start a new chapter, I would love to hear your voice. Please take a moment to answer this question here and you will receive a Free Change Blue Print and regular change nuggets.


14th January 2017