Coaching Outcomes


Today I am reviewing the self reported gains of a coaching assignment from 13 clients. Collectively they noted the following outcomes from only 6 sessions each:
Leadership development
Confidence to lead & communicate
Improved interpersonal skills
Daily leadership practices
Coaching Space to reflect & find own solutions
Implementation of goals
Positive results of increased networking
Communication skills
Different perspectives – ‘a change in the way I see things; bigger picture’. ‘I was brought from a small box into the outside’
Progress on work/life balance
Clarity on goals
Being frank and honest about where we are as an organisation
Having someone to listen without judgement
Managing time & prioritising – ‘I see time differently; there is enough time, so understanding what is wasting my time’
Delegation – ‘Working with and through others’
Improved team relationships, both one on one and as a group.


24th August 2015