Together we discover your unique brand of leadership, your why. From there, we grow your C-IQ, and embolden the keys to WOKE Leadership.

Who you are is how you lead.

Denise Hunt coaching changes.


  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Coach Super-Vision
  • Online Leadership Development
  • Mentorship
  • Training and Facilitation


Leaders and humans are reservoirs of unexplored excellence, optimal awakening, innovative genius, sharp connection, impactful collaboration and transformation. Coaching is a journey towards discovering the depth of what already exists and ignites significantly more than what was thought possible. Pre and Post assessments are used to benchmark progress, with the client setting the change agenda.

Executive Coaching engages the individual leader first, working with their core intelligence, navigating their expertise to achieve their defined change goals inevitably expanding impact across multiple levels of teams and relationships.

Coaching is often the synthesis that integrates life time learnings from multiple sources and enables the client to imbed these practices into impactful, generative leadership and fulfilment.

I access multiple modalities and methodologies, including, but not limited to Coactive coaching, Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ), Appreciative Inquiry, Transactional Analysis and beyond.


Coach Super-Vision is a relatively new and profoundly vital practice, offered to Coaches and others in the serving professions, to ensure safe, reflective space to consider their work. This practice enables Supervisees (Coaches or others in serving professions) to evoke their ‘Super Powers’, through generative, creative experimentation, awakening and further evolving optimal intrinsic selves.

Through the process, Supervisees are encouraged to notice how personal considerations intrude on professional conduct; are consistently affirmed and supported, whilst held accountable for their ongoing development, as well as that of the practice and profession.

This is therefore an increasingly potent and profound space; touching and impacting all stakeholders who interact with the Supervisee.

Supervision of organisational coaches, internal or external, provides an additional significant benefit in terms of organisational development feedback. When well utilised, Supervision impacts numerous levels of the business such as employee satisfaction, employee engagement, personal development plans, performance appraisals, culture – both formal and shadow culture.


Growing Global Leadership is a carefully blended Leadership development program consisting of 8 Modules of Powerful Learning, Journaling, practical Tools and Individual or Team Coaching sessions. It is the result of my own years of CEO experience, plus considerable learning and experience from coaching leaders across 32 countries. I collated key dimensions into 8 key areas.  These 8 dimensions can be accessed here. Join my tribe, access my newsletters and lots of free material. 


Mentorship falls into two categories:
• Coach Mentorship is required for Coaches to accredit internationally through ICF
• Millennial Mentorship – bespoke mentorship packages developed to transition your vibrant leaders of tomorrow

Coach Mentorship

Coach Mentorship is offered to Coaches seeking to accredit with the International Coaching Federation. Denise Hunt Global provides the 10 hour Mentorship package required by ICF to enable Coaches to proceed with enrolment for Associate Certified Coach status (ACC). These 10 hours of mentorship will work on enhancing the fluency of the 11 ICF competencies.

Millennial Mentorship

Millennial Mentorship is a unique blend of Coaching and Mentorship to fast track the development of young people who are transitioning their career growth. This package of services recognise that Millennials have different needs to their parents some years back, so the programme is co-created with both parties to align strategic organisational and individual goals


Recognising the benefits of strength based, collaborative leadership, we offer a host of trainings and facilitation of strategic workshops. These may be a stand-alone intervention or part of a larger leadership development solution and are customised to client’s requirement. They may include, but are not limited to:
•Growing Global Leadership – 8 modules online, with or without coaching. The Coaching and mentorship component may be individual or in teams and may be online or face to face.

Coaching skills for Leaders – inculcating a coaching culture across your organisation in the service of better results, increased performance and heightened collaboration internally and externally
• Strategic workshops on Vision, Mission, Values or any facilitated, co-created engagements to engender team building
• Trainings to build bridges towards cohesion and change. These may use or share modalities such as Transactional Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry or Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ®)

“Each one of us is a leader in their own right; the only difference is the level at which leadership is practiced, and every aspiring leader needs a shadow, a fall back, that friendly critique, to challenge, encourage, and inspire, to me that happens to be a coach. Every leader needs a coach.”
~Dr. A Rogers, Uganda