Can Women Leaders have it all?


Conventional wisdom says that you can’t have it all, especially if you’re holding down multiple roles as Leader, Mom, Spouse, etc. Despite being an outdated concept, an invisible glass ceiling often continues to limit us, robbing us of reaching our higher potential.

Whilst the road to gender equity remains long and convoluted, I am continually humbled by witnessing the journeys of countless woman I admire, starting with my successful grown daughters, numerous Leaders that I am privileged to coach, along with countless incredible friends.

Looking back over my own life – pregnant and married at a young age, then single again before I turned 30 and breadwinner of four children – there were many times when my life was punctuated by fear and anxiety about what I wanted and what I HAD to accomplish. I ploughed on, engaging with many mentors and relevant pieces of wisdom to inspire me – studies, courses, books, random connections and a healthy dose of an inability to see what COULDN’T be done.

As I reflect on enjoying my third career, I am excited about how little I know! New theories continue to emerge around fulfilment, life and leadership.   The world is quick to respond to that which you focus on – rich with opportunities of all kinds. The trick is to dream and then be awake to ensure you don’t miss the opportunities as they present themselves.

You CAN DO, and HAVE and BE all that you choose. Think of how you’d like your life to unfold. Whatever it is, clarify your vision as much as you can, without limiting yourself to what seems possible or to the ‘normal’ chronological sequence. Madiba reminded us, all things are impossible until they are done.

What have you achieved that seemed impossible when you first conceived of it?

16th October 2014