That Big Mouth Will Get You Into Trouble!







The Power of Words

This phrase was a regular reprise throughout my childhood. I grew up instinctively knowing the power of words. I recited jumbled up versions of nursery rhymes from age one.. ‘Baa baa black sheep’ ended with ‘all the little ducks said quack quack quack’. The third of four children, my words set me ahead of the pack. I often seemed like the oldest child.

Maverick, disrupting the norm

I was the one to break the mould, name the unspoken, raise the taboo subject, challenge the norm, ask questions that no one could answer, debate that which was seemingly cast in stone. My curiosity spilled over, pushing boundaries, creating a fair bit of chaos in a conservative home. And yet I was also the one to say the moving prayer at meal times, encourage my siblings, negotiate with the strict granny, calm the suicidal cousin, negotiate new boundaries, break the news of a teenage pregnancy.

Words Build and Break

My words have indeed got me into lots of trouble; but they have also forged deep relationships – they have healed,  hurt, grown, expanded, created and generated, shaped and built. Words took me from a teenage mom to an international CEO. They helped me raise four awesome, highly capable children. Words enabled me to build power teams, navigate significant company restructures, rebrandings, revisionings, turn arounds.  They helped me reimagine my career and life – over and over.

Leading into the Future with words

My global work today connects me with leaders across 26 countries. At the heart of all leadership – and ALL relationships are words, or conversations.

Join us to harness C-IQ Online

I will be collating learnings from a life rich in wordsmithing and a deep understanding of neuroscience, sharing how to harness Conversational Intelligence, aka as C-IQ.  into an online ‘Change your life through WOW Conversations’

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28th February 2017