Inspired to leap out of bed with gusto?

Resized image blog 5If the answer is NO, read on…. Businesses old and new spend thousands of dollars determining their vision, mission and values. Knowing what they would like to achieve and to contribute to the world, enables business leaders to continually check whether they’re moving in the right direction, and if not, to take steps to adjust strategy. They can also check in with themselves and stakeholders to make sure they are still headed in the optimal direction.   Just as this is true for business, it’s also true for each of us as an individual. The first step towards achieving a life of our choosing is to be crystal clear about what that looks like.

So what blows your hair back?

At the age of 12, I was asked what I stood for or what I wanted to do with my life. After frowning and blurting out many words, she repeated back to me ‘so you want to serve mankind?’ Huh? Well after many years of happily (and challengingly) leading various organisations and growing their vision, I find myself reflecting again on what I stand for, as I work in my dream business. Being a deep thinker and now working in a business of my own making, I thought it was super clear – my own vision and mission is to help people transform their lives through focussing on how to move forward powerfully, increase their leadership ability and lead a more rewarding life, both professionally and personally. Yet, as my Brand Coach has quizzed me, I have been surprised at how tricky it is to succinctly articulate my purpose. Small shifts keep happening!   If you don’t know what yours is, these questions might help you figure it out:

What’s important to you?
Establishing your values will give you some powerful clues about what you should be focussing on in your life. For more on values, see

What does your optimal day look like? Are you doing what brings you life?
Your goal should motivate and energise you. A drop in energy and/or interest is a sign that you may be slightly (or very) off-track. In that case, it’s worth checking where you may have gone astray. Are you perhaps focussing on one thing at the expense of something else you intrinsically consider more important?   Be cool with knowing that our personal definition of success may look completely different to someone else’s. Very often we take on what a family member or society in general has decreed we should be aiming for. Weeding this out and getting to your true core, your personal vision and mission can take some work but is well worth the effort.

Do you know what your core message is?   If you would like a thinking partner, aka Coach as you explore this concept further, contact me on for a free Discovery session.

18th August 2014