Convert your Inner Critic to your Inner Cheerleader

sunshine after rain

The idea that we live our lives with the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other has been around since time immemorial – I certainly remember my mom talking about the devil sitting on my shoulder. Chances are that you too are familiar with these ‘gremlins’, as I call them. Left to their own devices, they are more likely to give a negative message like ‘stupid twit, Denise’ rather than applaud you with a “way to go Denise”, as we encounter life’s challenges.   Taking the idea outside our heads and into our lived experiences of the world, and extrapolating this to being the recipient, or perpetrator of messages to self or others, let’s reflect on the impact of our voiced expectations.

I find Benjamin Zander’s take on this refreshing. In his book, The Art of Possibility, he explores this idea in depth. Listen to his account of ‘Giving an A’ on He shares outstanding results achieved from his students when he sets them up at the beginning of a semester for an ‘A’ Grade, with genuine belief in their capacity to deliver.   Imagine how we could expand and positively enhance the world around us if we always trust ourselves, and those around us, to shine and achieve an ‘A’ grade’, with every task.

The first step is of course to start with ourselves – correct your inner dialogue to words of encouragement, then project this externally – and watch the world transform around you.

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1st October 2014