What clients say

“Denise customises her coaching model according to the client’s needs, within a broad framework of co-active coaching, interspersed with Transactional Analysis and Appreciative Inquiry. Her tools are flexible and cover elements such as pre and post surveys, profiling, values and 360 Degree Rapid Appraisals. Denise ably manages the client relationship from the end-user / coachee’s side, as well as the organisation, providing succinct reporting as required.”
~Shaun Mellors, Associate Director – Africa, International HIV & AIDS Alliance, United Kingdom
“Coaching changed my approach to work – how to get information from staff to inform critical decisions. I held more consultations, especially with the Senior Management Team. People are very responsive to this and appreciate the inclusion and mentorship.”
~Bharam Namanya, Executive Director, Community Health Alliance, Uganda
“Coaching helped to motivate me to look at my mandate and exercise my authority. When rooted in policy basis, this empowers. Coaching changed my approach by encouraging me to try new ways of being. People want recognition and once you give them that, everything becomes more positive. I am now able to mitigate risk, taking people with in this changed approach. It is now a daily negotiation to change the way we operationalise the strategy. The session on Feedback was powerful – getting others to own solutions made a big impact. When they develop the solution, they own it.”
~Patriciah Aktech, Internal Auditor, Community Health Alliance, Uganda
“Since Coaching, my approach to work has changed. It has made me bold, I no longer sit on ideas, but share them, realising that regardless of whether accepted or not, I have a valuable contribution to offer. I participate more actively in meetings – Last weekend I was asked to speak unexpectedly at a function. I did so with ease, and people were impressed and took out pen and paper to make notes. I felt great.”
~Susan Nalubya – Human Resources Manager, Community Health Alliance, Uganda
“We have a dynamic team of highly qualified staff; we strive to have the right people in place. My role is to ensure the team work together. From Coaching I am able to communicate clearly, see the bigger picture and coordinate a cohesive team towards innovation. I am positive, assertive, providing clear feedback and I am lucky to have gone through this process.”
~Peter Kamau – Deputy Director KANCO, Kenya
“These coaching sessions generally changed my perspective of how I look at things, team work, efficiency, effectiveness and team work. I have greatly improved on my facilitation skills at all levels and I am on an upward trajectory.”
~Dennis Wali, Community System Strengthening Manager, KANCO, Kenya
“It was like a switch was flicked, enabling a tipping point once I could open up, accept the challenge. Removing fear was very important in showing my true character. I would like to see Coaching institutionalised; it is a useful process in which to invest our time. It is not difficult or complicated and is based on practical real life experience. This changed my approach to work in that it gave me the courage to do the right thing, even when it’s difficult. Coaching significantly enhanced my communication skills, enabling me to be calm and clear and listen; when the other is done, put your point across clearly and slowly, claim the space and exercise control – this alone is very significant.”
~John Safari Beku – East Southern African Hub, International HIV and AIDS Alliance, Kenya
“Over and above the tools, the most valuable aspect of Coaching was the Appreciative Inquiry aspect of managing staff. Through building on positives we do better and achieve more. Looking for positives instead of amplifying negatives makes growth easier. No one is threatened, has no need to defend themselves – even dealing with challenges becomes easier when relationships of trust are built. My approach to working has become more inclusive – you want to have people with you throughout, being comfortable to try new things.”
~Richard Murimi – Technical Director, Finance and Administration, KANCO, Kenya
“Coaching provided a good place of self-reflection, considering what I needed to do to move forward; these personal commitments paved the way forward … provided valuable moments to help me see things in a different way. Materials and templates also added so much value to this process. In summary, amidst challenging times, these have been fruitful discussions and this feels good. Despite tight schedules, there is time for the most important things – my cup is not too full.”
~Onesmus Mlewa – Technical Director, Programs, KANCO, Kenya
“Through Coaching I was able to open up, be more able to talk, enhance communication channels and delegate to others. I was able to take responsibility as a leader. Each and every piece of the coaching journey contributed to leadership skills and I value this. I have seen results and achieved what I set out to. There is a realisation that I have all this potential. It opened my mind and a realisation that others have a role to play and can offer help. Together we can enjoy work and do well together.”
~Stephen Wahome – Grants Manager KANCO, Kenya
“Coaching ‘forced’ me to pause and reflect on what I am doing and why I am doing it and to take charge of my life both at work and personally and to be responsible for my surroundings. Being challenged to introspect and commit to doing something about things was necessary. It has improved my work and life balances and how I work with the team. I benefited from processes around Kolb’s Learning Style, the Life Positions Diagram and the DHG Leaders Dashboard.”
~Felistus Motimedi, Programs Manager, Bonela, Botswana
“2015 was full of difficulties … and I have seen myself reflecting more and being more conscious. I learnt to have a different perspective and even though it often seemed easier to quit, I learnt through the process that this season will pass. If you leave you don’t get to learn from the experience – becoming an authentic leader is tough but there is deep learning & knowledge. Coaching helped change my approach and the way I looked at things – Leadership skill is crucial – BE the leader wherever you are, practice skills and take others with you. Expose them to issues early enough so they can contribute to solutions. I value Coaching as this has built confidence, helped to address concerns, set aside fears and approach others and work together. I have improved time management and identified priorities.”
~Jane Juma – Acting Executive Director ACHI, South Sudan
“Before I do something I now consider why I do what I do. With reflection on self, plus eye contact and attentive listening, I now respond differently. I have learnt to trust others more; we collectively believe in our mission and through reflective leadership practices we discover new ways of keeping connected, both with ourselves, work and what matters most.”
~Cindy Kelemi, Executive Director, Bonela, Botswana
“Through coaching there was a big improvement in my Communication skills; I am now confident. Communicating about my leadership for one hour at a time in a second language was good practice. Leading the team in the field was made possible through remembering the skills we identified in the Dashboard and communicating as best as I can.”
~George Ngolo, Legal Officer / Programme Manager, Tacosode, Tanzania
“I remember the start of our journey when I felt like I was on a treadmill and I couldn’t adjust the controls; I second guessed myself and thought I couldn’t do it. I value the opportunity to learn more about myself and discover my ability to lead. Now there is a light at the end of the tunnel – I am on a treadmill but now I can adjust the controls. This has given me other options to address situations. At the start I was blinkered, now I have a panoramic view. I now understand that no matter how other’s react, there is always an opportunity to move to the next level, to dialogue and move forward. Through Coaching I was able to step out of the situation and see strategically what needed to be done. Having a sounding board reigned me in and taught me that I don’t always have to let emotions rule. I appreciate that you didn’t tell me what to do… once blind spots are visible; I was subsequently able to move and have repeated this… having a positive intention paved the way for reciprocal understanding… This boosted my leadership confidence and I have had to draw on this approach regularly with difficult conversations.”
~Nana Gleeson, Finance, Operations & Resource Mobilisation Manager, Bonela, Botswana
“The value of coaching on professionals can be underestimated; everyone should have coaching. The tools enable you to look at yourself as a leader and as a human being. The reflection and coaching assignments in between sessions are so helpful. Coaching is a great opportunity to work with an external person.”
~Keikantse Phele, Legal Advisor, Bonela, Botswana
“I cannot separate my growth from our Coaching journey. I cannot replace our coaching – it is irreplaceable. There is something special about this space we have shared; I have been able to carry your insights and questions with me into my world, work with them, in a way that was gentle and flowing; there have been massive shifts. I carried with me what we discussed and as things happened, these emerged and shaped my way differently. There was containment – you have a special ability to hold this space, yet carry previous sessions and weave together as we went along – hard work, yet a natural and gentle flow …”
~Private Client – Director Government Sector, South Africa
“Thanks so much Denise, sometime you never know what is locked…tucked in your head unless you come across great people to challenge you to unlock it, you did that, I hope to continue this path of discovery.”
~Dr Ampwera Rodgers, Programme Director, Community Health Alliance, Uganda
“Before coaching, I used to think there were certain areas I could not get to. Now I know nothing is impossible.”
~Sebia Kwaramba, Executive Director – Zimbabwe AIDS Network, Zimbabwe
“Denise is unique and utilises innovation to her supervision sessions. Even though she is new to the organisation, I have been personally impacted on my coaching style from rigid to applying playful tools. The sessions are well prepared but they hold flexibility for impromptu issues. She engages with the coaches and management staff before, during and after the actual session. In essence “a breath of fresh air” is putting it mildly when I think of my supervision sessions. in closing I would like to thank Denise for allowing our supervision sessions to be a safe place to share coaching experiences, tabling challenges and learning from our peer professionals.”
~External Coach to The Clothing Bank (Winner of 2016 Schwab Foundations’ Social Entrepreneur of the Year Aware, South Africa)
“Working with Denise .. I felt heard and held during a time of professional flex, when I was working with complex relationships in my client base. I had someone asking me how I was doing emotionally: this was support I wasn’t expecting and very refreshing for me as someone who works in private practice and who typically holds her own counsel. I work in a field that’s quite specialized so I had also wondered how Denise would understand my experiences. She did this well by keeping it simple, by allowing me to be the subject specialist, by reflecting back to me what she heard, all of which created space to reflect and recharge. Denise was so comfortable working with Skype coaching format that it made me feel really comfortable and able to quickly establish a personal and trusting relationship with her despite the fact that we’ve never met in person.”
~External Coach working with clients in recovery addiction
“Denise is a thoughtful supervisor who responds appropriately to my needs in each session. Denise adds energy to a positive, appreciative approach in her supervision and is mindful of this throughout her work. I particularly enjoy how open Denise is to her own process and experience in supervision and I find that this in turn aids me in understanding my own. Denise is careful to review the effectiveness of sessions and has regularly asked me for feedback on what has worked well and how her approach has worked out for me.”
~External Organisational Coach
“I found supervision sessions very beneficial. Denise supervised me at a time of transition in my life and career. Denise invited me to look at my narrative regarding my future coaching and consulting work, and to develop a new narrative to help me with visioning my future business. During the time of our sessions, I had also come to the realization that I felt stuck with one or two of my coaching clients. As a result of our sessions I realised that my own transition was playing out in my coaching of these two clients. In addition Denise helped me to realise that I needed coaching myself to effectively deal with the transitions I was experiencing. I did just that and I found that after a few sessions with a peer coach, I was able to process the changes I was experiencing, thus helping me to move forward with more resilience.”
~Coach / Consultant in Private Practice
“I have found supervision with Denise to be very beneficial. She creates a safe space for the group that is confidential, authentic, respectful and encourages interaction, with everyone having a voice. The space is used for any issues, for skill development and for offloading and sharing our experiences, often common at different times to all the members of the supervision group. Sometimes they include ethical or boundary issues. She routinely checks out what we all want from the session and asks us to think about the way we want to approach our topic, giving us options. She prioritises according to the time we have available and ensures that everyone’s needs are met. She asks insightful questions that encourage thought and reflection on my coaching and skills, and that challenge my development as a coach. She shows appreciation and support for the work we are all doing in the organisation and facilitates good dialogue between the various members of the organisation in their various roles so that there is more cohesion.”
~External Organisational Coach