Coaching Outcomes


Today I am reviewing the self reported gains of a coaching assignment from 13 clients. Collectively they noted the following outcomes from only 6 sessions each:
Leadership development
Confidence to lead & communicate
Improved interpersonal skills
Daily leadership practices
Coaching Space to reflect & find own solutions
Implementation of goals
Positive results of increased networking
Communication skills
Different perspectives – ‘a change in the way I see things; bigger picture’. ‘I was brought from a small box into the outside’
Progress on work/life balance
Clarity on goals
Being frank and honest about where we are as an organisation
Having someone to listen without judgement
Managing time & prioritising – ‘I see time differently; there is enough time, so understanding what is wasting my time’
Delegation – ‘Working with and through others’
Improved team relationships, both one on one and as a group.


24th August 2015

Be the Change..

And the CEO Walls came crashing down …

Driving change and taking on change internally are two vastly different things.

Reflecting on beginnings and endings, I was struck by an interesting revelation: Being a long-standing ‘Change Agent’ can keep you comfortably safe! Huh??

For the last number of  years, I was brought in to companies to restructure, reshape, remodel, ‘right’ size, grow, rebrand, sustain. This work is taxing –  seeing countless people lose their jobs is not for the faint hearted. Doing this with integrity and care comes at a personal cost – ensuring the remaining team members renew their trust and commit to the new leadership takes an extraordinary amount of guts and discernment.  I see now that in order to do the necessary, I unconsciously built walls of protection and hardiness around myself… CEO walls?
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10th March 2015

Can Women Leaders have it all?


Conventional wisdom says that you can’t have it all, especially if you’re holding down multiple roles as Leader, Mom, Spouse, etc. Despite being an outdated concept, an invisible glass ceiling often continues to limit us, robbing us of reaching our higher potential.

Whilst the road to gender equity remains long and convoluted, I am continually humbled by witnessing the journeys of countless woman I admire, starting with my successful grown daughters, numerous Leaders that I am privileged to coach, along with countless incredible friends.
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16th October 2014