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Group Supervision. Photo Credit Design for Development

Coaching can be lonely. Is Super-vision a solution? 


I love running my Coaching Practice, yet ….


I miss my team!

When I left the corporate world to run my Coaching Practice life took on many new dimensions, lots of them fabulous! A few years later, I realize I miss the team connections and notice that coaching can be lonely space. This may account for the endless courses I have done!


So now what?

Part of my solution is my monthly Reflective Group Super Vision. I find this group of like-minded peers a safe space to connect, grow, share stories and discover how I get in my own way. I flourish on the oxytocin of connection.How about you?


So how can I help you? 

This love of connection and reflection motivated me to qualify as a Coach Super-Visor. Since qualified as a Coach Super-Visor, I leverage my various certifications – ICF, Appreciative Inquiry and C-IQ to facilitate safe thinking spaces for coaches.


What it is not

So it is not:

  • A Mastermind
  • Coaching Coaches
  • Coffee Chats
  • Practice Analysis

And it may include some similar components to the above.


So what is it?

Simply said Super-Vision is your space to deeply reflect on your work, create and strengthen foundations for extraordinary work. It is a space pause, a ‘go-to’ grounding space, a space uncomfortable enough to grow and expand and a space safe enough to flex and stretch.


What is the process? 

  • You bring a question / concern about your work
  • Select one of numerous ways of working with your question
  • Work within a team
  • Deepen your reflections as a coach, person & professional
  • Receive Support
  • Further develop your self as a coach
  • Expand your integrity within the coaching profession
  • Maintain safety and accountability


So how do I try it out? 

I am launching Groups of 6 members maximum on the first and second Monday and Tuesday of each month, commencing February 2018. These 2 hour sessions are from 10 – 12 US Eastern time, for $ 75 each. The same group configuration is guaranteed for

4 months, so you can grow your trust and connection together.


How much? 

This special price is offered on a first come, first served basis. To secure a space, make your payment of $ 300 either via Pay Pal (or Electronic transfer). Mail, headed I want Super-Vision, note your day preference and payment method. I will provide you with a link to pay by return mail. You do not need a Pay Pal account and will not be charged any fees. You can use any Master or Visa card.


Hoping to work with you and discover more of your awesomeness,




PS.  You can see some Super-Vision client references, highlighted in green here

13th December 2017


Connecting with candour

What? Am I going soft on you?

Actually quite the opposite! One thing I know to be true is that LEADERSHIP requires hard core authenticity. No place to hide.

Are you struggling to empower and build capacity in your team, give and receive real feedback, motivate and delegate and share leadership …. this COULD be a useful ponder ..

How candid are you with your team members or those you are engaging with? How candid are you with yourself?

A story … yesterday I met with a client who committed to very tangible goals in our last coaching session. He seemed highly committed to meeting with his team to renegotiate the way they work – frank conversations around how to spread the work. We did loads of prep. He was taking on way too much work. When he did allocate projects or tasks to team members, he was dissatisfied with the outcome and had to redo them … his way.

Back to our session – he did not have the meeting.

He was frustrated with himself and we became curious about this tendency to not fulfil tasks that he set for himself, even though important. Why? How was he getting in his own way?

After some exploration, it turned out that doing other people’s work was:

  1. Tension relieving – it took time, but he did it well
  2. It kept him from the stress of dealing with his own strategic work which was less urgent but inordinately important. This was an area where he risked failure
  3. He persuaded himself he was being a good ‘role model’

So, some good intention, a blind spot and an adverse impact – the team were disgruntled – they felt he didn’t trust them to do good work. So they tried less, let him do it anyway and everyone became less empowered and less trusting of each other. Lose lose

His Coaching task, an open meeting, meant that he would have to expose himself by owning his role in the dysfunction and commit to change. It required HEART and courage. The HEART of Leadership takes us face to face with ALL of us, even the tough stuff. It turns out it is the TOUGH stuff that drives change – NOT the soft stuff.

So now what? Dealing with ourselves, our own inner stuff, is not an easy journey, but it is a worthwhile one. We are only as good a leader as we are authentic, as we are in touch with the HEART of ourselves.

TO DO – Spend the next few days noticing how you get in your own way, asking the following questions:

  1. How are my team members, or those around me, reflecting my own stuff back to me?
  2. What is my role in the disconnects?

Observe yourself with interest – next time I will share a tool to respond and grow TRUST

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Chat in a few days.

Meanwhile, continue to be AMAZING,


That Big Mouth Will Get You Into Trouble!







The Power of Words

This phrase was a regular reprise throughout my childhood. I grew up instinctively knowing the power of words. I recited jumbled up versions of nursery rhymes from age one.. ‘Baa baa black sheep’ ended with ‘all the little ducks said quack quack quack’. The third of four children, my words set me ahead of the pack. I often seemed like the oldest child.

Maverick, disrupting the norm

I was the one to break the mould, name the unspoken, raise the taboo subject, challenge the norm, ask questions that no one could answer, debate that which was seemingly cast in stone. My curiosity spilled over, pushing boundaries, creating a fair bit of chaos in a conservative home. And yet I was also the one to say the moving prayer at meal times, encourage my siblings, negotiate with the strict granny, calm the suicidal cousin, negotiate new boundaries, break the news of a teenage pregnancy.

Words Build and Break

My words have indeed got me into lots of trouble; but they have also forged deep relationships – they have healed,  hurt, grown, expanded, created and generated, shaped and built. Words took me from a teenage mom to an international CEO. They helped me raise four awesome, highly capable children. Words enabled me to build power teams, navigate significant company restructures, rebrandings, revisionings, turn arounds.  They helped me reimagine my career and life – over and over.

Leading into the Future with words

My global work today connects me with leaders across 26 countries. At the heart of all leadership – and ALL relationships are words, or conversations.

Join us to harness C-IQ Online

I will be collating learnings from a life rich in wordsmithing and a deep understanding of neuroscience, sharing how to harness Conversational Intelligence, aka as C-IQ.  into an online ‘Change your life through WOW Conversations’

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28th February 2017