Who I am and how I grow WOKE future-fit Leadership.

Denise Hunt coaching changes.


  • Who am I?
  • Who are my clients?
  • Why work with me?


Denise Hunt Global is the culmination of my revolutionary journey from teenage mom to global CEO. I collate my personal life and leadership experience, plus rich learnings from the privilege of working with clients from 32 countries. I offer bespoke leadership solutions, according to your learning styles, blending online learning modules, with contact sessions of coaching.

The sweet spot of my passion is growing collaborative leadership in developing countries across International NGO Sector. I term this progressive future-fit leadership as WOKE Leadership. Certified extensively across the globe, I have many modalities to tap into.

Access a free Cheat Sheet on key attributes of Woke Leaders, who lead with heart, art and science –  www.growinggloballeadership.com.



My clients are passionate Leaders committed to growth. They are often in transition, stretched, sometimes stuck or overwhelmed, seeking to move to the next level, or connect with different ways of increasing their impact.

As Directors, CEOs, Country Directors, Senior Management Teams, mid-level Managers, my clients are often leading transformation and change and pioneering innovation. These key clients are often working towards achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.




I recognise and optimise existing strengths, skill and expertise. Through co-created partnership, together we unleash further growth and potential. Through powerful conversations, we generate increased collaboration and connection, discover creativity and innovation, transforming leadership and increasing high performance teams. DHG values include provoking challenge, diversity, growth, service, wisdom and candour.

I offer pre- and post- leadership assessments, to benchmark the milestones of the journey towards change and greater impact.



“Everyone should have coaching; the value of coaching on professionals can be underestimated. The tools enable you to look at yourself as a leader and as a human being. The reflection and coaching assignments in between sessions are so helpful. Coaching is a great opportunity to work with an external person.”

~Keikantse Phele, Legal Advisor, Bonela, Botswana