Steps of the Coaching journey

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Coaching is a journey, and while our process for working together is focussed on your goals and customised to your needs, with flexibility as those change, there are certain steps that we usually follow:


  1. Discovery

The first free session is about getting to know each other and exploring how we might work together.  We discuss logistics and expectations and agree on the parameters of our engagement.  Then, to get started with the real work, we move through a set of exploratory questions to uncover the key areas you would like to focus on, including your values and goals.

  1. Values and Goal Setting

At this point we take a step back to establish the big picture, taking your personal values into account.  For example, what does your success or at least your optimal progress look like?  The clearer we can get on our desired outcomes at this stage, the better the chance we have of achieving them, or something even better.

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18th July 2014
Steps of the Coaching journey

Why Coaching works

Photos Ireland & Australia 044There is no doubt that the business world has changed. The traditional hierarchical structure has now broken down to such an extent that an authoritarian management style, based on discipline and instruction, is not only ineffective but can actually be counter-productive. Employees are no longer content to quietly work their way up and do as they are told.

In this environment, what differentiates a successful executive or manager from a less successful one is not so much their business skills or knowledge, but rather their ability to understand and manage other people, as well as their own behaviour. Unlike hard skills, this soft skill set cannot be learned in a traditional classroom environment.

The self-evaluation and personal development involved requires a safe space, where the individual can examine their own behaviour and vulnerabilities, without fear of being judged. This process of unlocking internal resources happens through exploration, discussion and practice, both within and between sessions. The opportunity to feed back on progress and adjust action plans on an on-going, one-to-one basis is far more valuable than a once-off training intervention.

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10th July 2014
Why Coaching works

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