Convert your Inner Critic to your Inner Cheerleader

sunshine after rain

The idea that we live our lives with the devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other has been around since time immemorial – I certainly remember my mom talking about the devil sitting on my shoulder. Chances are that you too are familiar with these ‘gremlins’, as I call them. Left to their own devices, they are more likely to give a negative message like ‘stupid twit, Denise’ rather than applaud you with a “way to go Denise”, as we encounter life’s challenges.   Taking the idea outside our heads and into our lived experiences of the world, and extrapolating this to being the recipient, or perpetrator of messages to self or others, let’s reflect on the impact of our voiced expectations.
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1st October 2014

Inspired to leap out of bed with gusto?

Resized image blog 5If the answer is NO, read on…. Businesses old and new spend thousands of dollars determining their vision, mission and values. Knowing what they would like to achieve and to contribute to the world, enables business leaders to continually check whether they’re moving in the right direction, and if not, to take steps to adjust strategy. They can also check in with themselves and stakeholders to make sure they are still headed in the optimal direction.   Just as this is true for business, it’s also true for each of us as an individual. The first step towards achieving a life of our choosing is to be crystal clear about what that looks like.
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18th August 2014

Neuroscience in Coaching

Neuroscience, or the study of the anatomy and chemistry of the brain and nervous system, is rapidly becoming more and more important in the field of coaching.  The latest research goes a long way towards scientifically explaining human behaviour and how we can learn to change that behaviour – which is both the foundation and the goal of the coaching process.  A combination of many different disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics, medicine and psychology, amongst others, neuroscience is the subject of much on-going research.

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19th July 2014
Neuroscience in Coaching

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