My passion is Growing Global Leadership.

A few favourite ways to do this include:

 Facilitating blended Online Learning & Coaching programs; Leadership & Executive Coaching; accompanying Coaches through reflective Super-Vision.

Denise Hunt coaching changes.

“We have a dynamic team of highly qualified staff; we strive to have the right people in place. My role is to ensure the team work together. From Coaching & Mentorship I am able to communicate clearly, see the bigger picture and coordinate a cohesive team towards innovation. I am positive, assertive, providing clear feedback.”

~Peter Kamau, Deputy Director, KANCO, Kenya
Denise Hunt coaching changes.
At Denise Hunt Global, I catalyse personal and professional growth and enhance performance and impact through quality conversations and progressive leadership transformation.LEARN MORE
Denise Hunt coaching changes.
My clients are typically high impact pioneering leaders driving change across the International Development Sector. I work virtually across 32 countries in 6 continents, plus locally in Cape Town, South Africa.  FIND OUT MORE
Denise Hunt coaching changes.
I start with core integration of the leader, honing their impact, then expanding this impact to teams and stakeholders further afield, working primarily through online platforms such as Skype and Zoom. BOOK A SESSION

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